Drink List



hoyne pilsner

Victoria 14oz
$ 8.0

four winds ipa

Delta 14oz
$ 8.0

driftwood naughty hildegard

Victoria 14oz
$ 8.0


Germany 500ml
$ 10.0


Belgium 330ml
$ 10.0


lagers + pilsners

alhambra lager

Spain 330ml, full, fresh, crisp spanish lager
$ 8.2

new grist

Wisconsin 355ml, GLUTEN FREE, that’s right and it is pretty darn good
$ 8.2

brio pilsner

Iceland 500ml , german style pils, gold medal for pilsner 2012 world beer awards
$ 8.5

czechvar lager

Czech republic 500ml, the original lager, this is the recipe budweiser “borrowed”
$ 9.9

i.p.a.’s + bitters

driftwood fat tug ipa

Victoria 473ml, a pioneer bc ipa, now a standard on all the best beer lists
$ 9.8

farm country ipa

langley 473ml, if you like fat tug? you'll love this local west coast ipa too
$ 10.0

four winds juxtapose

Delta 650ml, moderately bitter with great fruit blance
$ 16.7

pale ale

mirror pond pale ale

Bend oregon 355ml, it the won gold medal for best pale ale in world… enough said!
$ 9.0


Victoria 355ml, as the name implies its an easy drinking pale
$ 8.0

Barnside brown ale

Ladner 473ml, a local beer farm where nearly everything is grown on site
$ 9.7

darks, stouts + porters


Victoria 335ml, roasted malts and
maple syrup notes
$ 8.5

moon under water creepy uncle dunkel

Victoria 473ml, well rounded local dark lager with flavors of vanilla and nuts
$ 9.5

persephone dry irish stout

Gibsons bc 473ml, coffee aromas, full flavoured notes yet very easy to consume
$ 9.5


Netherlands 330ml, big warming Russian imperial style dark
$ 11.0


erdinger weissbier

Germany 500ml, wheat ale, refreshing and not too yeasty
$ 10.5

erdinger dunkel weissbier

Germany 500ml, dark wheat ale, top selling german dunkel
$ 10.5


duchesse de bourgogne ale

Belgium 330ml, notes of balsamic and wine, this is the perfect fish and chips beer
$ 10.3

cuvee des jacobins rouge

Belgium 330ml, excellent very sour flanders red, sour malts, dryer finish
$ 11.0

Farm country blackberry pear sour

Langley 473ml, 1/2 a tonne of BC fruit went into the batch for this local sour
$ 10.5

driftwood abyssus kriek

Victoria 650ml, aged in french oak with sour cherries, this smooth dark sour packs a punch
$ 22.0

belgian/belgian style


Belgium 330ml, this belgian strong ale makes a good session beer
$ 12.0

st bernardus abbey 12

330ml belgium , dark brown with a thick creamy head, full bodied classic abbey style
$ 12.7

camp saison

473ml Langley, on the lighter end w a fresh and delicate hint of spice
$ 9.5

four winds sovereign

750ml Delta, this big saison is backed by a complex balance of citrus, elderflower, and spice
$ 27.00

cellar selection

driftwood 2020 eccentricity

Victoria, A quirky but oddly intriguing intersection of wheat, rye and amburana spirals.
$ 27.0

driftwood 2019/21 old cellar dweller

Victoria this barley wine pours a deep amber colour. aromas of caramel and citrus with rich flavours of toffee, brown sugar, earth and citrus. big body from the malty base, but finishes with good hops. 650ml, 14% abv
$ 27.0

driftwood 2019/20/21 singularity

Victoria, beer of infinite density. massive, rich coffee and chocolate flavor mingle with vanilla and dried fruit in this outrageous, local, russian imperial styled beer. 650ml, 12.2 % abv
$ 33.0


truck 59 apple cider

Kelowna 473ml, a great local all natural, apples only, dry apple cider.
$ 9.5

truck 59 bourbon blackberry cider

Kelowna 500ml, apple cider aged in bourbon casks, blackberries added. Yes please.
$ 15.0

creek and gully crabby pear cider

Naramata 750ml, equal parts hyslop crab apple and bartlett pear. mouth watering and fragrant
$ 26.0


All of our cocktails are built with love and care they are made with premium liqueurs and spirits.


old fashioned

There are other variations of this historic cocktail, but this is ours. evan williams bourbon, orange wedge, demerara sugar, bitters, house cured cherry - 2oz spirits


Renowned as the first cocktail; new orleans original. sazerac 6yr rye, absthinthe rinse, peychauds creole bitters, demerara sugar, lemon zest - 2oz spirits


Inspired by the new york classic, the gold rush. famous grouse scotch, laphroaig quarter cask float, ginger honey syrup, lemon juice - 2oz spirits

trinidad sour

You gotta love bitters, evan williams bourbon, angostura bitters, fresh squeezed citrus, simple syrup. - 2oz spirits


sir james

Manhattan-esque cherry galore, sazerac 6yr rye, antica formula sweet vermouth, cherry cardamom shrub, apothecary spitfire cherry cedar bitters, house cured cherry. - 2oz spirits

mezcal negroni

Bitter smoky fusion. mezcal, campari, antica formula vermouth, flamed orange zest - 2.0oz spirits

holy smokes

Complex whisky drink with layers of flavor, evan williams bourbon, dash of amaro, benedictine, laqphroig ¼ cask and bitters, flamed orange zest. - 2.25oz spirits

charlie runkle

Easy sipping bourbon goodness, peach and apricot tea infused buffalo trace bourbon, fresh lemon, simple syrup, a dash of orange bitters, and a flamed orange zest. Runkle out. - 2oz spirits

the cinful apple

falling gracefully. evan williams, grand marnier, cinnamon syrup, spiced apple cider, cherry shrub, citrus, bitters - 2.5oz spirits


bartender’s lemonade

Super fresh, tanqueray gin, st germain elderflower liqueur and fresh squeezed lemon,candied lemon wheel. - 2oz spirits

italian sour

Created by shawn soole at clives classic. campari, house made liquor strega, galliano shaken vigorously with fresh lemon and egg white. - 2oz spirits

fernet sour

Bittersweet sipping goodness. Evan and williams bourbon, fernet branca, fresh squeezed citrus, maple syrup

peate’s dragon

Smokey and effervescent, laphroaig scotch, green chartreuse, citrus, simple, bitters, ginger beer. - 2oz spirits

the pluma

pud's delight, belvedere rye vodka, maple syrup, lemon juice, plum bitters, soda. -2oz spirits


An Uli's original, with local whisky. Roots and Wings "bourbon style" whisky, crème de menthe, lime juice, simple syrup, soda

tiki $15.0

mai tai

The ultimate tiki cocktail , angostura 7yr rum, triple sec, orgeat syrup and fresh lime, dark rum float, house cherry and lime wedge. - 2.25oz spirits

pain killer

Invented in the 70’s on the british virgin islands, angustura 7year rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice and orange juice. - 2.5oz spirits

montezuma's grace

Mezcal in all its glory. Koch el mezcal, grapefruit juice, lime juice, moon dog bitters, simple syrup, salted rim


last of the oaxacans

An earthy rendition of the last word mescal, maraschino liquer, green chartreuse house cured cherry - 2.25oz spirits

rasmus fizz

A classic with a small twist, seaside akvavit, simple syrup, cardamom bitters, fresh citrus juice, cream, served tall rocks with soda. - 1.5oz spirits

pastime paradise

Chef jennie’s signature creation, evan williams bourbon, falernum cordial, lime juice, turbinado syrup, orange bitters, egg white - 1.75oz spirit

pisco sour

A south american classic. el pisco bogbernador, fresh citrus, egg white, angostura bitters. - 2oz spirits

smoke on the water

Aperol, laphroaig quarter cask, lemon juice, orange cream tincture, simple syrup - 2oz spirits

ode to eros

el pisco gobernador, lime, spiced hibiscous syrup, egg white, angostura bitters - 2oz spirits


uli’s caesar

Small twist, we use local distillery son’s of vancouver chili vodka, worcestershire, pickled bean, lime wedge. - 1oz spirits
$ 10.0

moscow mule

Our take on the classic. russian standard vodka, freshly squeezed lime juice, splash of simple syrup, dash of angostura bitters, spicy fentimans ginger beer. - 2oz spirits
$ 12.5


glass of red or white sangria

wine, triple sec, brandy, orange juice, pineapple juice, soda, fresh fruit, 4oz wine, 1oz spirits
$ 10.0

litre of red or white sangria

wine, triple sec, brandy, orange juice, pineapple juice, soda, fresh fruit, 17oz wine, 3oz spirits
$ 29.0

aperol spritz

The traditional italian aperitif. Aperol, prosecco, soda, orange wheel. - 2oz spirits, 4oz wine
$ 13.0

cynar spritz

Bitter and rich a lesser known variation. Cynar, prosecco, soda, burnt orange. - 2oz spirits 4oz wine
$ 13.0

St. Germain spritz

eldeflower and citrus, a heavenly match. St germain eldeflower liqueur, prosecco, soda, citrus. -2oz spirits, 4oz wine
$ 15.0


gls 5oz , btl 750ml

gancia prosecco

Italy, bright straw colour, full bodied and creamy, notes of stone fruit.
$ 9.9-gls, 45.0-btl

frind brut

Okanagan, bright crisp, and dry. stone fruit and citrus
$ 60.0 btl

blue mountain brut

Okanagan , rich and creamy with fine bubbles, apple, minerality and lemon
$ 63.0 btl

veuve clicquot

Champagne, the famous yellow label, elegant brioche, apple and pear
$ 119.0 btl


gl6oz, ½ltr , btl750ml

tollo trebbiano

2018 italy , flowers and limestone, medium acidity
$ 7.5 gls $19.9 ½ltr $39.0 ltr

grachies cotes de gascogne

2019 france, citrus and white flower, grapefruit and papaya
$ 10.9 gls $29.1 ½ltr $43.6 btl

st hubertus pinot blanc

2018 okanagan, ripe pear, apple, and peach. clean and refreshing
$ 12.9 gls $34.4 ½ltr $51.6 btl


2018 okanagan, amazing example of a bc winery making a lesser known variety suitable for our climate
$ 15.5 gls $39.0 ½ltr $59 btl

kitsch dry riesling

okanagan, zesty and zippy, a bc riesling on the dry end of the spectrum. balanced acidity and bright citrus fruit
$ 16.9 gls $49.2 ½ltr $65 btl

frind rose

2019 okanagan, a dry french style rosé, made of a blend of pinot noir and merlot. aromas of strawberry, rose petal, and rhubarb, crisp acidity.
$ 14.9 gls $38.0 ½ltr $56 btl


gl6oz, ½ltr, btl750ml

tocornal cabernet + merlot

2018 chile, soft plum, berries
$ 7.5 gls $19.9 ½ltr $39.0 ltr

muñoz old vines grenache

2018, spain, red fruit, raspberry, clove, vanilla, developed tannins
$ 10.9 gls $29.1 ½ltr $39.0 btl

grand noir cabernet sauv

2017, france, deep, ripe blackberry raspberry nice tight tannins
$ 16.0 gls $41.0 ½ltr $62.0 btl

desert hills dust storm

2016, oliver BC , merlot, cabernet sauvignon, syrah blend make this an easy drinking, full fruit,nice body, nice tannins BC red.
$ 17.0 gls $45.5 ½ltr $68.0 btl


Try something new - we change this every once in a while, to let our guests try some fun things. our featured wines are held in a special wine chiller to insure freshness.

3oz or 6oz glass pour

Kettle valley zinfandel

2016 Cawston, a balance of spice, plum, and sour cherry, all come together beautifully in this great BC zinfandel.
$ 8.0 3oz, $ 15.0 6oz

girard cabernet sauvignon

2017, napa, ripe blackberry, toffee, leather, black cherry, fine grained tannins
$ 13.0 3oz,
$ 25.0 6oz


2017 Italy, raspberry, vanilla, cherry, the original barbera appellation
$ 11.0 3oz,
$ 20.0 6oz

frind pinot noir cuvee

2019 okanagan, velvety and smooth lots of re fruit and juicy acidity
$ 17.0 gls $45.5 ½ltr $65.0 btl



crisp, dry, refreshing

black star pinot gris

2018, okanagan, nice little local pinot gris with lovely stone fruit notes and fresh acidity
$ 55.0

lock and worth sauvignon - semillon

2020, naramata, unfined unfiltered. This well balanced wine is as fresh as they get. notes of citrus and hay.
$ 58.0

medium, dry, elegant


2020 provence, light stone fruit and lovely delicate aromas
$ 57.0

roche arôme

2019, okanagan. Like the name implies this 100% shönburger is delicately aromatic. tropical fruit and a perfumed nose makes an excellent aperitif wine.
$ 64.0

french door lys

2020 Oliver, 40% viogner 27% sauv blanc, 14% reisling, 12% semillon, 7% marsanne lovely notes of peach orange and apple
$ 62.0

blue mountain pinot gris

2019, okanagan , citrus, mandarin orange blossom, elegant and balanced
$ 72.0

tinel-blondelet pouilly fume

2018 france, honey starfruit bright acidity
$ 79.0

full, dry, rich

ex nihilo privata chardonnay

2018, ok falls bc, french oak aged, tropical aromas of pineapple and mango, rich creamy mouth
$ 61.0

deep roots unoaked chardonnay

2020, naramata, A fresh, crisp, invigorating chardonnay. aromas of green apple and lemon zest. Great with seafood
$ 63.0

Li veli verdeca

2018, salento italy, tropical fruit, citrus and pear are the notable aromas. on the palate it is full, well balanced and has great acidity.
$ 76.0

domaine de roally chardonnay

2018, burgundy, butter, vanilla, honey, - all things you want from french chardonnay
$ 79.0

fruity, off dry, aromatic

nik weis st. urbans–hof old vines riesling

2018 mosel, off-dry, stone fruit with lively acidity. it’s a gem with food
$ 79.0



light, dry, complex

roches bleues cote de brouilly

2018 france, dry earthiness with red fruit, cherry, and light spice
$ 72.0

blue mountain reserve pinot noir

2018, okanagan, silky but firm tannins, this sauvage pinot noir is rocked with red fruit and berries, decanting recommended
$ 102.0

medium, dry

chateau hureau cabernet franc

2018, france, ripe, open wine, is packed with red fruits and a smoky character
$ 69.0

collemattoni rosso di montalcino

2018 italy,medium intensity, dry yet juicy. black licorice, cocoa, cherry
$ 72.0

nichol cabernet franc

2019, naramata, this is an iconic BC example of the variety. unfiltered with fine tannins and a crunchy acidity. notes of red fruit and dried herbs
$ 74.0

full, fruit forward, dry

moon cursor dolcetto

2018, okanagan plum and chocolate on the nose, rhubarb and strawberry jam on the palate
$ 69.0


2018 okanagan,this rhone style syrah has notes of black and red cherries, vanilla, and cinnamon, with a mild pepperiness on the finish
$ 76.0

moon cursor tempranillo

2017, okanagan, nose of red cherry, notes of fig, plum and earthiness on palate
$ 77.0

nicol old vines syrah

2019, naramata, the oldest syrah vines in canada. this savoury red lingers with minerality. elegant and finessed, with notes of black cherry, wild raspberry, and dried violets
$ 82.0

domaine brusset gigondas

2019 france, whilst still being young, the quality of this wine is fantastic. bramble berries, plum, and chocolate. juicy and dry
$ 90.0

full, structured, dry

avalon cabernet sauvignon

2018, california notes of plum, vanilla, and toasted oak
$ 57.0

young and wyse cabernet sauvignon

2018 okanagan, a juicy yet structured bc cab. cassis, tobacco, black plum
$ 72.0

moon cursor malbec

2017, okanagan, tempting notes of crushed black and blue fruit, violets and milk chocolate are displayed on the nose and palate.
$ 76.0


2017 Italy, raspberry, vanilla, cherry, the original barbera appellation
$ 92.0

girard cabernet sauvignon

2016, napa, ripe blackberry, toffee, leather, black cherry, fine grained tannins
$ 95.0

AMV barberesco sanadaive

2018 italy,a lighter style of nebbiolo, very light in colour beautiful structure. anise, tobacco, red fruit
$ 115.0

chateau lilian ladouys

2018 saint estephe,59% Cabernet Sauvignon, 37% Merlot, 4% Petit Verdot An intense nose of red fruits such as raspberry, currant and cherry, and notes of peppermint and mint are complemented by the spices brought by the Petit Verdot. With a buttery lining, the palate of Château Lilian Ladouys 2018 is lively and dignified thanks to its high proportion of Cabernet Sauvi-gnon. It possesses an alluring volume and a length unknown in this style of wine. The finish is supported by a delicious note of salted butter caramel, a gluttonous final touch.
$ 125.0

chateau la vielle cure

2018 fronsac,87% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc, 3% Cabernet Sauvignon Deep garnet-purple in color, the 2018 La Vieille Cure opens with cedar chest, graphite and tree bark scents, giving way to a core of baked blackberries, stewed plums and cherry compote, with wafts of Sichuan pepper and star anise. The full-bodied palate is wearing a lot of oak at this stage, with a good core of baked black fruits and loads of exotic spice accents, supported by grainy tannins and just enough freshness, finishing woody
$ 125.0

chateau labegorce

2016, bordeaux margaux, 52% Cabernet Sauvignon, 48% Merlot The 2016 Labégorce is composed of 52% Merlot, 38% Cabernet Sauvignon, 6% Cabernet Franc and 4% Petit Verdot, aged in 45% new and 55% one-year-old French oak barrels. Deep garnet-purple colored, it leaps out of the glass with gregarious cassis, kirsch and black raspberries, candied violets, dark chocolate and spearmint. Medium-bodied, elegant, fresh and with exciting intensity, it delivers a fantastically long, fragrant finish. 12,000 cases produced. 93+ points Wine Advocate
$ 139.0

cliff lede cabernet sauvignon

2017, stags leap district, 100% Cabernet Sauvignon dense purple colour, cassis, spring flowers, berries, cedar and vanilla. supremely balanced and smooth
$ 150.0



Reserve Selection California

forman cabernet sauvignon

2013, napa, st helena, 75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 13% Cabernet Franc “Opaque ruby/purple with beautiful blueberry and black raspberry fruit moving toward cassis on the palate, it is plush, medium to full-bodied, well-delineated, juicy and succulent” 95 pts RP
$ 250.0

spottswoode cabernet sauvignon

2013, napa, 88% Cabernet Sauvignon, 8% Cabernet Franc and 4% Petit Verdot. “This is another killer effort from spottswoode. Inky bluish purple to the rim, it has hints of violets intermixed with sweet foresty notes, blackcurrants, chocolate and a touch of subtle smoke and earth. It is dense, with higher acidity and more noticeable structure than the 2012, but is as concentrated, dense and promising.” 99+ pts RP,
$ 480.00

Reserve Selection Bordeaux

chateau chasse spleen

2016, Bordeaux moulis en medoc, 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 42% Merlot, 6% Petit-Verdot, 2% Cabernet franc “The 2016 Chasse-Spleen has a very elegant bouquet with neatly integrated oak, the terroir really showing through here, hints of cedar and smoke emerging with time. The palate is fresh as a button on the entry. It is cut through with a superb line of acidity that engenders superb tension, the tannins firm but fine with a subtle marine influence towards the persistent finish. This is a fabulous Chasse-Spleen, the best I have ever tasted from the estate.” 92-94 Points, Wine Advocate
$ 149.0

domaine de chevalier l'esprit

2018 pessac leognan, 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot Brought up mostly in used barrels, the 2018 Domaine De Chevalier L'Esprit De Chevalier has a rich, dense, medium to full-bodied style with slightl reserved darker currant and cherry fruits, notes of cedary herbs and earth, firm tannin's, and a good finish.
$ 149.0

chateau marquis d’alesme

2018 margaux,55% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Merlot, 5% Petit-Verdot, 5% Cabernet franc The 2018 Marquis d'Alesme Becker is from the lieu-dit Les Terrasses de Margaux. Deep purple-black in color, it leaps from the glass with bold, expressive black cherries, warm plums, crème de cassis and red roses scents with touches of baking spices, potpourri and fragrant earth. Full-bodied, rich and opulent, it completely fills the palate with hedonic black fruit preserves and spices, framed by firm, velvety tannins and finishing with fantastic length. 96 Points, Wine Advocate
$ 179.0

chateau lafon roche

2018 saint estephe, 55% Cabernet Sauvignon, 45% Merlot, 2% Petit-Verdot, 3% Cabernet franc Deep garnet-purple colored, the 2018 Lafon-Rochet delivers impactful scents of baked blackberries, warm cassis and black cherry compote, with suggestions of chargrill, tar and tobacco leaf, plus a waft of wild mush-rooms. The medium to full-bodied palate is laden with black fruit preserves and earthy accents, supported by firm, chewy tannin's and just enough freshness, finishing with great lengt
$ 179.0

chateau phelan segur

2016, bordeaux saint estephe, 55% Cabernet Sauvignon, 45% Merlot “Another sleeper from Saint-Estèphe, the 2016 Phélan Ségur is super impressive. An enticing bouquet laced with crushed rocks, graphite, iron, smoke, lavender, mint and inky blue/purplish fruit makes a strong opening statement. A wine of power, resonance and gravitas, the 2016 Phélan is remarkably expressive and also full of potential.” 94 Points, Vinous
$ 199.0

chateau lafon rochet

2016, bordeaux saint estephe, 67% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot, 2% Petit-Verdot, 6% Cabernet franc “A sleeper in this vintage, the 2016 Lafon-Rochet is positively stellar. Bright, translucent and super-expressive, the 2016 has so much to offer. Lavender, tobacco, cedar, mint and dried herbs give the 2016 striking aromatic top notes to play off the darker fruit flavors. The 2016 is pure class. Don't miss it.” 95 Points, Vinous
$ 199.0

chateau langoa barton

2016, bordeaux saint julian, 55 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 37% Merlot, 8% Cabernet franc “Sappy and dense, with kirsch, plum reduction, mulled açai berry and warmed fig fruit showing impressive range, while licorice snap, ganache and roasted apple wood notes jostle behind them. Mouthwatering acidity should give this plenty of time to round into form. 95 pts wine spectator
$ 229.0

chateau gloria

2016, bordeaux saint julien, 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot, 3% Petit-Verdot, 7% Cabernet franc “The 2016 Gloria is one of the undisputed stars of this vintage. Rich, deep and explosive, the 2016 possesses tremendous intensity in all of its dimensions. Sweet red cherry, tobacco, menthol, licorice and dried rose petal all add complexity. In 2016 Gloria is a real head-turner. It should be a fabulous value as well. There is not much else to say.” 96 pts, Vinous
$ 239.0

chateau giscours

2016, bordeaux margaux, 81% Cabernet Sauvignon, 19% Merlot “This nearly 200-acre estate lies in the south of the Margaux appellation. The wine is another great success in a series of superb years. It is rich but the structure and finely textured fruit give it style and longevity.” 96 pts, Wine Enthusiast
$ 259.0

chateau clerc milon

2016, bordeaux margaux, 55% Cabernet Sauvignon, 29% Merlot, 13% Cabernet franc, 2% Petit-Verdot, 1% carmenere “The complexity of the layers are still on display, showcasing fresh menthol, cranberry, white pepper, black olive, rose and blackberry, all wrapped up in a tight tannic hold. There are some wonderful toasted caramel notes, subdued but rich and tight, waiting to show their exuberance on the finish. Drink:” 96 pts, Decanter
$ 289.0

domaine de chevalier

2016, bordeaux Pessac-leognan, 55% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Merlot, 5% Petit-Verdot, 5% Cabernet franc “The 2016 Domaine de Chevalier is a thrilling wine. Dense and beautifully layered, the 2016 is also quite a bit richer than it usually is. Cabernet Sauvignon aromatics and structure pulse through the wine. The red-toned fruit is incredibly primary at this stage. Readers should be prepared to cellar the 2016 for at least a handful of years. It has been nothing short of magnificent on the three occasions I have tasted it so far.” 97 pts, Vinous
$ 299.0

chateau grand puy lacoste

2016, bordeaux pauillac, 75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Merlot, 5% Cabernet franc “A neoclassical edition of Grand-Puy-Lacoste, this has cedar, graphite, deeply integrated cedar and spicy-oak influence and a very fresh array of ripe blackberries, dark cherries and cassis. The palate is so seamless. It builds beautifully and delivers a long, seamless array of perfectly ripe dark fruit, swathed in fine, firm, ascending layers of tannins. As good as we have seen in recent vintages, this is a star of the vintage.” 97 Points, James Suckling
$ 340.0

chateau les carmes haut brion

2016, bordeaux Pessac leognan, 41% Cabernet Franc, 39% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon “The 2016 Les Carmes Haut-Brion is very clearly one of the wines of the vintage. Breathtaking in its beauty, the 2016 soars from the glass with stunning aromatic and flavor intensity. Red cherry jam, wild flowers, mint, blood orange and sage are some of many notes that develop. In the glass, the 2016 is a vivid, statuesque, exotic wine that takes over all the senses as it delivers tons of pure pleasure. Readers should plan on cellaring the 2016 for at least a few years, but that will be virtually impossible. The 2016 is a towering masterpiece 98 Points, vinous
$ 389.0

chateau certan de may

2015, bourdeaux pomerol, 80% merlot, 16% cab franc, 4% cab sauv “displaying a medium garnet-purple colour and nose of warm red cherries, mulberries, crushed red and black plums and raspberry leaves with nuances of wild thyme, dried roses, cloves and eucalypt. Medium to full-bodied and boasting great harmony in the mouth, the palate delivers loads of red and black fruit layers interspersed with floral and herb accents and framed by a firm, ripe, fine-grained backbone, finishing with wonderful length and freshness.” 95+ points wine advocate
$ 399.0

chateau smith haut lafitte

2016, bordeaux pessac-leognan, 65% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot, 1% Petit-Verdot, 4% Cabernet franc “the 2016 Smith Haut Lafitte has a very deep garnet-purple color, opening with sensuous scents of warm black cherries, blackberry pie, star anise and fragrant lilacs with hints of chocolate box, cigar box and pencil lead plus wafts of truffles and crushed rocks. Medium to full-bodied, rich and seductive, it completely fills the palate with perfumed black berry preserves and superbly plush tannins, finishing epically long and beautifully layered.” 98 Points, Wine Advocate
$ 479.0

chateau smith haut lafitte

2015, bourdeaux, pessac-leognan, 63% Cabernet Sauvignon, 33% Merlot, 2% Cabernet Franc and 2% Petit Verdot “the 2015 Smith Haut Lafitte has a totally dazzling nose of exotic spices—star anise, fenugreek and Sichuan pepper—over a core of chocolate-covered cherries, wild blueberries, plum preserves, violets and earthy wafts of truffles, moss, tilled black soil and forest floor. Medium to full-bodied, beautifully balanced and packing a lot of flavor into a relatively modest package, it fills the mouth with spice and herb-laced black and blue fruit layers, supported by very ripe, very finely grained tannins and seamless freshness, finishing with epic length. This is already a show-stopping, heart-pounding beauty” wine advocate rp 99pts james suckling
$ 490.0

chateau haut bailey

2016, bordeaux pessac leognan, 53% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot, 7% Petit-Verdot “The 2016 Haut-Bailly is medium to deep garnet-purple in color. The nose opens with beautiful floral notes of violets and lavender accented with earthy notions and sparks of crushed rocks over a core of kirsch, cassis and wild blueberries. Full-bodied, rich and seductive, it has layer upon layer of red, black and blue fruits intermingled with earth and mineral hints leading to a very long, perfumed finish.” 98 Points, Wine Advocate
$ 499.0


* add 3.5 for a double

** add 5 for a double

*** add 10 for a double

American 1oz

* evan williams

$ 6.0

* makers mark

$ 7.0

* buffalo trace

$ 7.0

* basil hayden’s

$ 9.0

* woodford reserve

$ 9.0

** knob creek 9 yr

$ 9.0

** bookers

$ 10.0

** 1792

$ 12.0

** eagle rare 10 yr

$ 13.0

** blantons original single barrel

$ 15.0

** blantons original bcl select 2018

$ 15.0

** michters rye

$ 16.0

** woodfords master collection

$ 17.0

** makers mark private selection

$ 18.0

*** elijah craig private barrel

$ 21.0

*** michters toasted barrel

$ 22.0

*** wild turkey decades

(only 300 btls in Canada)
$ 24.0

*** elijah craig 18yr

$ 25.0


* famous grouse

$ 6.0

* glenlivet 12yr

$ 8.0

** laphroaig ¼ cask

$ 13.0

** balvenie doublewood

$ 15.0

** ardbeg AN OA

$ 17.0

*** oban 14yr

$ 19.0

*** macallan 12 yr

$ 22.0


* jameson

$ 6.0

** yellow spot

$ 14.0

** clonakilty

$ 14.0


uli's special

baileys, frangelico -10.0


brandy, kahlua - 10.0


jamesons -10.0


baileys, kahlua, grand marnier -10.0

monte cristo

grand marnier, kahlua -10.0


smith woodhouse late bottle vintage

portugal - 9.0

taylor fladgate 20 year tawny

portugal -15.0

chateau d'aydie pacherenc 2015

France - 59.0 btl


dujardin v.s.

cognac france - 6.0

courvoisier v.s.

cognac france - 10.0

vignobles fontan vsop

armagnac france - 15.0

montifaud 50 yr

cognac france - 39.0


prices based on 1oz

whiskey (canadian)

wisers deluxe – 6; crown royal – 6; crown royal northern harvest – 8

whiskey (irish) 1oz

jamesons – 6; yellow spot – 14; Clonakilty - 14

vodka 1oz

russian standard – 6; ketel one – 7; grey goose – 8; zubrovka – 7; sons of vancouver chilli vodka – 7; belvedere rye vodka – 8

gin 1oz

beefeater – 6; tanqueray – 6; bombay sapphire – 6.5; hendrick’s – 8;; hayman's sloe gin – 6; hayman's old tom – 6; sheringham seaside – 8; phillips fermentorium stump; woods cascadia – 8; sheringham kazuki gin – 8

rum 1oz

bacardi white – 6; appleton v/x – 6.5; havana club anejo reserve – 7; goslings black seal – 7; angostura 7yr – 7; sailor jerry spiced – 6; wray & nephew overproof – 9; lambs 151 dark – 9

tequila/mescal 1oz

el jimador – 6; volcan blanco – 12; papalote reposado – 0; koch el espadin mezcal – 0

other 1oz

gobernador pisco – 10; sheringham akvavit – 9

liquours 1oz

galliano – 8; st germain – 7; drambuie – 7; pernod – 6; luxardo amaro – 6; cynar – 6; averno amaro – 6; the woods amaro – 6; campari – 6; aperol – 6; b&b – 6; grand marnier – 7; kahlua – 6; baileys – 6; Frangelico – 6; luxardo amaretto – 6; peppermint schnapps – 6; crème de menthe – 6; white cacao – 6; taboo absinthe – 9; antica formula sweet vermouth – 8; fernet mentha – 6; dubonnet – 6; white sambuca – 6; apple schnapps – 6; limoncello – 6; green chartreuse 8; crème de cassis – 6; drambuie – 7; triple sec – 6 jagermeister – 6


ZERO PROOF cocktail $12.0

yuzu smash

The perfect substitute for a gin and tonic, seedlip grove 42, yuzu, lemon, basil, tonic

pier 22

Frothy and delicious, spice, hibiscus tea, rose water, simple, egg white

come my lady

Floral, thirst quenching and dang pretty butterfly pea tea, lemon juice, simple


san pellegrino

bergamo italy, 250ml, carbonated natural mineral water, bottled at the source
$ 4.0

san pellegrino

san pellegrino, bergamo italy, 750ml, carbonated natural mineral water, bottled at the source
$ 7.0

fentimans ginger beer

hexham england, 275ml, traditional botanically brewed ginger beer, careful its spicy
$ 4.0

All alcoholic beverages are subject to an addition of 5% GST & 10% PST


Monday to Friday   3:00 – 5:30


Buttermilk marinade, spicy chipotle yoghurt, green onions
$ 12.00

Baked Brie (V)

Wrapped in filo pastry, blueberry compote, crostini
$ 14.50


Three Canadian cheeses, pickled veg, crostini
$ 13.00


Fried chicken thighs, house pepper jelly
$ 18.00

$4.50 12oz sleeve of hoyne pilsner 

B.C. wines by the glass have been reduced by 20%


gl6oz,  ½ltr,  btl750ml

st hubertus pinot blanc

2018 okanagan, ripe pear, peach, apple, clean and refreshing

gls-$10.3, 1/2L-$27.5, btl-$41.3

kitsch dry rielsing

okanagan, zesty and zippy, a bc riesling on the dry end of the spectrum. balanced acidity and bright citrus fruit

gls-$13.5, 1/2L-$39.4, btl-$52.0

frind rosé

2019 okanagan, a dry french style rosè, made of a blend of pinot noir and merlot, aromas of strawberry, rose petal, and rhubarb, crisp acidity

gls-$11.9, 1/2L-$30.4, btl-$44.8


gl6oz,  ½ltr,  btl750ml

Kettle valley zinfandel

2016, a balance of spice, plum, and sour cherry which all come together beautifully in this great BC Zin.

gls-$12.0, 1/2L-$32.4, BTL-$46.4

desert hills dust storm

2016, oliver BC , merlot, cabernet sauvignon, syrah blend make this an easy drinking, full fruit, nice body, nice tannins BC red.

gls-$13.6, 1/2L-$36.4, BTL-$54.4

frind pinot noir cuvee

2018, okanagan, velvety and smooth, lots of red fruit, juicy acidity

gls-$13.6, 1/2L-$37.2, BTL-$52.0

All alcoholic beverages are subject to change and there will be an addition of 5% GST & 10% PST